• The lessee according to the road traffic code of vehicles is allowed to circulate 24 hours (day and night) with the lights on and all passengers front and back to fasten their seat belts.
• During traffic, all road signs must be applied.
• If the lessee is fined by the police, the fine must be paid to the Albanian Post or to any contractor who performs this service, the Landlord is notified and upon delivery of the car the client declares the fine and the payment mandate.
• Payment of the fine can be paid in return when the car is delivered, declaring the fine accompanied by the police record, and the Lessor provides this service to the client.
• Any fine that remains unpaid or undeclared The Lessor is obliged to forward to the relevant authorities with minutes the violator based on the contract made with the client and the Albanian police.
• Any penalty imposed for commission 0 (zero) not declared by the client is fined by the Lessor.
• In case of accident, the lessee should not move the car from the scene until the police arrive, also the lessee is obliged to pay the damage to the car only in case he is guilty.
• The lessee is obliged to pay in case it causes damage to the car from misuse.