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We are at most 100m away from Tirana International Airport. As soon as you get out from the airport, you are going to see in front of you our office. You are just 2 minutes walking away from your car.

Nothing more than a driving license and an Identification Document.

Of course, we have tried our best to make the car rental process as easy as possible.

There are no restrictions in Albania. However if you want to go out of Albania you have to pay an extra fee. Select a car in this website in order to learn more how the price changes.

First off, please make sure you are okay. Accidents happen all the time. Give us a call and in the meantime wait for the police. Just show them the Insurance policy you have and don’t worry about it.

Since we are well aware that plans change, we have set a free of charge cancellation up to 48h before pick-up.

Our Address

We are located right in front of the Tirana International Airport. As soon as you get outside, you can see our sign.

Our Phone Numbers

Call us anytime if you need any information about any of our cars or offers. Also if you need roadside assistance.

Email Address

If you need any written information, feel free to send us an email. We will be replying in 24 hours.